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Gary Smith
OC to SFV    From Yorba Linda we never go through LA, we use the 210 to get from OC to the Valley or back and we never use the 5 freeway, too risky time wise.

Gary Smith
OC to LA    91 and 405 have car pool lanes from OC to So. Bay.

Gary Smith
OC to RIV     Toll roads are good but normally take us too far out of our way. Normally we use them when there is a traffic alert. Going from Fullerton area to Riverside County I normally use Coal Canyon Rd. instead of the 91 or the 60 freeway.

Dean Marxer:
SFV to OC    I use the Coast Hwy when returning from Oxnard, may not save much time, but an easy drive against traffic, plus it is scenic on both sides.

Bob O’Brien:
LA    Take 5 south to the 10 east to the Long Beach south to the 5 south to miss 5 level interchange

David Derksen:
OC    Going south on the 5 or 55, if traffic is at a standstill, exit on 4th or any exit south of 4th and head southeast.  4th Street becomes Irvine Blvd which becomes Trabuco and gets you to Mission Viejo.

Steve Geldman:
SFV to LA    405/101 - Use Sepulveda Blvd instead of 405 to/from SFV ~ Los Angeles (Sepulveda Pass) if 405 is backed up over the grade.

Steve Geldman:
SFV    101 from Las Virginas to Westlake Blvd; use Agoura Road if 101 is backed up