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January 25, 2005

         An ERA Owner’s Forum

         Software To Run Your Company
         Contact management, Opportunity tracking, Follow up, etc.

         To be followed later by a software seminar.

         11:30m to 1:30 over lunch

         Cypress Courtyard by Marriott

         Reservations are needed

February 3, 2005
       Chapter Event
       How Representative Firm Business Models Are Changing
       Dick Neumann, National Sales Manager, Grayhill, Inc.
       Cypress Courtyard by Marriott. 
       Reservations are needed.


March 3, 2005
Las Vegas Show              2005 Photos - Las Vegas Show

       Electrotech Tabletop Show          
       Hotel San Remo

       To exhibit: 949-551-5200



March 16, 2005
        An ERA Owner's Forum
        REVENUE – The top line really matters
      Increasing revenue is the success secret in a sales business.
        11:30 to 1:30, over lunch
        Chanteclair, in Irvine
        Reservations are needed


Apr 12, 2005  (Tuesday)

      Goleta Show                        2005 Photos - Goleta Show
       Electrotech Tabletop Show                                    
       Santa Barbara Elks Lodge

       150 N. Kellogg Ave

       Santa Barbara, CA, 11:00 to 2:00

Apr 13 , 2005  (Wednesday)

      San Luis Obispo Show       2005 Photos - San Luis Obispo Show
       Electrotech Tabletop Show              
       San Luis Obispo Veteran’s Hall

       901 Grand Ave (at Monterey)
San Luis Obispo, CA 11:00 to 2:00


May 11, 2005 
       An ERA SoCal Owner’s Forum
       Representing Offshore Manufacturers
       Moderated by Gary Smith
       11:30m to 1:30 over lunch
       Cypress Courtyard by Marriott
       Reservations are needed


                                    Past Presidents May 25, 2005                                          

Back row: Steve Geldman, Bob O'Brien, Bill Quinton, Cameron English
Standing: Don Hennelly, Bill Sullivan, Ron Schwartz, Barry Krauss, Bob Groh, Jim Minyard

Sitting: George Ufen, Norm Marshank, Ed Landa, Jack Berman, Harrison Frank, Don West

Front row: Dennis McGillis, Larry Feige, Bob Baxter, Craig Bassett

Not present: Bob Boniface, Jack Carter, George Gibbons, Jim Jordan, John O'Halloran, Jay Ownby, Dan Parks, Rick Weiss

May 25, 2005
       60 Years of ERA Southern California
       A Chapter Event
       4:00 Program, 6:00 Social time, 6:30 Dinner

       Cypress Courtyard by Marriott
       Reservations are needed

June 22, 2005
       ACT! Software For Reps
       ERA SoCal Seminar
       Reservations are needed


August 10, 2005

       Your  Website, Your face to the world
       Beganto, Tracking samples and more

       11:30 to 1:30 including lunch

       Cypress courtyard by Marriott

       Reservations are necessary


August 11

      Sagebrush Social

      Electronics Industry Social Event

      Starts at 4:30 pm

      Sagebrush Cantina

      23527 Calabasas Rd.

      Calabasas, CA, Hwy 101, exit Valley Circle
      No reservation needed, just show up

October 8, 2005
San Diego Chapter 30th Anniversary
A sit down dinner with a program celebrating the past 30
years of service in the electronics business, a look at the
companies that are no longer in San Diego, a look at the
many San Diego distributors, past and present and a
salute to those who have served and passed on.  We
expect a significant turnout, and a great time.  All
Southern California members and spouses are invited. 
Escondido Country Club.  For information contact Gary
Chilcote, 760-504-0300  gary@chilcoteassociates.com     


October 18, 2005

       Chapter Educational Event
A panel of experts examines processes and procedures
       in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances.  This topic has
       the potential to cause major disruption in the manufacture,
       use and disposal of electronics items. 
       4:00 Program, 6:00 Social time, 6:30 Dinner      
Reservations are necessary

October 26, 2005

       Spirent Communications Show             2005 Photos - Spirent Show
     Electrotech Tabletop Show              
       Calabasas, CA, 11:00 to 2:00. 
       Our own tabletop show in a very active account
To exhibit: 949-551-5200 or  mcgillis@erascal.org




November 15, 2005 
       An ERA SoCal Owner’s Forum
       How to become the rep firm they can’t live without
       Adding value to the Rep-Principal-Customer relationship
Moderated by Harrison Frank
       11:30m to 1:30 over lunch
       Cypress Courtyard by Marriott
       Reservations are needed




November 30, 2005 
       An ERA SoCal Chapter Event
       Accounting For Reps
       With Neal Reitz, CPA, MBA

       4:00 Program, 6:00 Social, 6:30 Dinner
       Cypress Courtyard by Marriott
       Reservations are needed



December 6, 2005

       The Haas Automation Show         2005 Photos - Hass Automation Show
       An ERA SoCal Electrotech Show
       Haas headquarters In Oxnard
       Reservations are needed


ERA Friday Breakfast   It's business and it's social.
       - Orange County -
    Every Friday at 7:00.  Mimi's, 17th at 55 freeway, Tustin

       - San Fernando Valley -    Second Fridays at 7:30.  Lamplighter, DeSoto & Nordhoff, Chatsworth.



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